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Crafting recipe for a medium backpack

The mod Backpacks adds backpacks to Tekkit Main. These backpacks can be dyed any color and can be medium sized or large. To access the contents of a Backpack, right click while holding it. The backpacks will store more items for you in the game. Normal backpacks can store up to 27 items, whereas large backpacks can store up to 57 items.

Backpacks cannot be stored into other backpacks.


Medium BackpackEdit

To craft a Medium Backpack, form a hollow square made of Leather in the Crafting Table.

Large BackpackEdit

Crafting a Large Backpack is like crafting a Medium Backpack, but with Tanned Leather instead of Leather.


To change the color of a backpack before you have crafted it, put a piece of the dye color of your choice in the center of the crafting grid.

Ender BackpackEdit

Put an Ender Chest in the center of the crafting grid, then surround it with Leather. This does not work with Tanned Leather as a Large Backpack.

Workbench Backpack (Crafting Backpack)Edit

Put a Crafting Table in the center of the crafting grid, then surround it with Leather for a Medium Backpack or Tanned Leather as a Large Backpack.
Tanned leather

Recipe for Tanned Leather

Bound LeatherEdit

Form an "I" with String and put Leather in the last two slots on the center left and center right.

Tanned LeatherEdit

Cook Bound Leather to get Tanned Leather.

Large BackpackEdit

The large backpack is the biggest backpack. It can store up to 54 stacks of items.

Medium BackpackEdit

The medium backpack is the original backpack. It can store up to 27 stacks of items and can also be an Ender Backpack (Magic Backpack). [broken]

Dying and RecoloringEdit

To dye or change the color of a backpack, put the the backpack in a crafting grid with the color that you want to change it to. To restore a backpack to its original leather color, do the same with Leather for medium backpacks, and Tanned Leather for large backpacks.
All backpacks

All types of backpacks

Ender Backpack (Magic Backpack)Edit

The Ender Backpack is a special type of because you can put something in the one Ender Backpack, and get it from another Ender Backpack.

The Ender Backpack was originally called the Magic Backpack, but then got its name changed to Ender Backpack after the Ender Chest.

Workbench Backpack (Crafting Backpack)Edit

The Crafting Backpack has a small amount of storage, but can be used as a Crafting Table.


To upgrade a medium backpack to a large backpack, put the backpack in the middle of the crafting grid with Tanned Leather all around. Ender Backpacks (Magic Backpacks) cannot be upgraded, but all others can.

When you upgrade a backpack, its content, color, and name stay the same.

Bugs Edit

This mod will delete backpacks if you die with more than three. Very broken.

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